What are the methods for overhauling the photocopier?

2018-10-26 16:09:36

Copying machine with bottom ash repair method
When using a copying machine, the copied documents have different depths of bottom ash, which is a common phenomenon in the electrostatic copying machine, and it is a difficult problem to solve, and the presence or absence of bottom ash on the copy is to distinguish the quality of the copy. One of the important signs of badness, but also one of the standards for whether the copier has problems.
The cause of the failure of the copier with bottom ash and the repair method

The copier is underexposed, including the aging of the exposure lamp, the illuminance is reduced; the light is too small, the exposure is small, causing the bottom of the copier to malfunction; adjusting the exposure voltage, slitting, or replacing the exposure lamp.
The contrast of the original is too small. For example, if there is a colored ticket, you can use the copying function of the copying machine (the old machine does not have this function). The copy paper used is damp, causing the bottom of the copying machine to malfunction; replacing the dry paper.
The copier developing bias is too low or no developing bias; adjusting the copier developing bias and overhauling the developing bias circuit.
The proportion of the carrier in the developer is small, the proportion of the toner is too high, resulting in a uniform bottom ash, and is relatively concentrated. The reason is that the excess toner is too much and the carrier is difficult to adsorb. At this time, the ratio of the carrier to the toner should be re-adjusted. For details, refer to the maintenance manual of each brand copier.

The toner and carrier of the copying machine are damp, the resistivity is lowered, and the chargeability of the toner and the carrier is deteriorated, resulting in poor development effect, resulting in a bottom ash of the copying machine. Replace the toner or carrier
Carrier fatigue (including wet development and dry development) reduces the adsorption capacity of the carrier to the toner (or ink), tends to free the toner, and is adsorbed by the residual potential (bright region) to produce bottom ash.

The toner does not match the carrier and is not used by the same model. Be sure to confirm the model before installation.
The drum is fatigued. Clean or replace the drum
If the machine connected to the copier is too low, the voltage should be no less than 220 volts. When the voltage is too low, the copier will report an error and protect itself. The bottom ash of the copier is a common problem in the copier. Various reasons are so troublesome to repair. If you know the health status of the current copier, it will take some effort.

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