How to add toner to the toner cartridge

2018-09-28 09:00:35


Open the machine to take out the toner cartridge, clamp the metal pin on one side with a diagonal pliers, pull out outwards, and pull out the toner cartridge on both sides to separate the toner cartridge into two parts. The drum core is a waste toner collection piece with Magnetic roller is a powder supply
Dispense the metal positioning pins on both sides of the light blue photosensitive drum in the waste toner collection member, take out the photosensitive drum in a dark and stable position, take out the discharge roller, and then unscrew the two screws on the scraper to remove the scraper. Slowly pour out the waste powder in the waste toner box, and then restore the scraper, discharge roller, and photosensitive drum to their original positions. (If you need to replace the drum core and scraper, replace the old drum core and scraper with new ones. can)

Rotate the nail on the gearless side of the magnetic roller on the powder supply. After removing the plastic case, you can see a purple plastic cover. Open the cover and clean the toner in the powder compartment and the magnetic roller. If the magnetic roller and the powder cartridge are not cleaned, the bottom ash or the writing may appear shallow. The magnetic roller is installed. At this time, the magnetic roller is pressed to prevent the magnetic roller from coming off the original position. Shake the laser printer toner and slowly pour it into the powder supply bin, cover the plastic cover, and put on the plastic case. (At this time, you should pay attention to: the semicircle on the end of the shaft of the magnetic roller and the semicircle on the plastic case. The hole is right.) Rotate the gear on the side of the magnet roller a few times to make the toner even.
Install and restore the powder supply parts and waste toner collection parts when they are disassembled, and insert the metal latches on both sides. After the toner cartridge is installed, push the drum cover open and turn the drum side gear several times upwards. The residual toner on the drum surface will be removed and the machine can be used.

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