How should I replace the copier drum unit?

2018-10-12 14:29:58

A broken or worn drum can cause problems with a copy machine. A copier, drum unit that takes toner from the cartridge to the printed page, according to the brand of machine, what it is used for, the cylinder can last between 10,000 and 30,000 printouts. As the drum's life is nearing its end, the copier may begin to leave the dark marks of the entire copy or otherwise provide poor quality printing. Most models will display a warning light when the drum cartridge needs to be replaced.

  1. Turn off the copier power plug and allow it to cool down as the drum heats up when in use. Lower the cloth or paper towel so that the ink does not get on the floor when you change the drum.


  1. Open the cover of the machine. This is located on the main body of the machine, either on the front or side. The larger of the machines on the main body, rather than the smaller one, opens the carton or a larger top cover, which is copied to open the two panels during this process.


  1. Either pull or slide the drum unit from the copier. On some machines, it may also be a small lock lever, you need to flick up to release the drum. Try not to touch the drum on the electrode, which may cause electrostatic shock. Also, you may want to protect your hands because the toner cartridge may leak.


  1. Pull down the drum's lock lever (which is often a different color than the roller) and gently pull the toner cartridge out.


  1. Remove the new drum unit from the package. Don't go too far, or in direct sunlight, it can be damaged by prolonged exposure to light.


  1. Carefully place the new drum unit inside the old toner cartridge. The lock lever returns to its original position and you should hear a click.


  1. Before the drum copier. Close the battery cover and open the copier. The replacement warning light should no longer be displayed.


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