How do I use a copier in the summer?

2018-11-01 14:30:38

Heat dissipation

In the summer, the machine will generate a lot of heat in the process of work, coupled with the external high temperature weather, for long-time work, large-volume copying machine, machine cooling work is particularly important, therefore, we must keep the room spacious and airy.

2. Power supply

In the hot weather in summer, the climate is very dry and hot, and it is prone to fire safety hazard. Therefore, the process of using the copier power supply should minimize the switch, which is not only beneficial to reduce fire safety hazards, but also very beneficial to the machine itself.

 3. Overfixing

The paper exit of the copy paper is indented. During a large number of copying processes, the temperature of the machine continues to rise, the temperature of the paper discharge pressure roller reaches the temperature of the softening point of the toner, and the paper discharge wheel sticks a part of the carbon powder to the paper to form a pinch mark phenomenon: if this phenomenon occurs, Please immediately change the temperature of the machine to reduce the temperature of the machine. If it is not very important, you can stop working for a while and replace or clean the upper and lower paper rollers.

4. Copy quality

In the high temperature period, a large number of copies will appear more and more shallow, which is mainly because the carrier and the toner are combined under high temperature. If this happens, please reduce the machine temperature or increase the amount of powder.

5. Toner agglomeration

 What is said here is not the agglomeration of toner in the high temperature places where it is transported and stored. It is the agglomeration inside the machine. Most machines now use low-temperature toner, which softens agglomerates as long as the ambient temperature exceeds its softening point. When the toner enters the developing device through the toner filling device, high-speed friction with the carrier generates a high temperature. At high temperatures, long-term copying will cause the developer to reach the softening point of the toner, which may cause the toner to stick to the developer wall to form agglomerates. This affects the powder replenishment and has a certain impact on the copy. If this problem occurs, we can pour out the carrier inside the developer, check the agglomeration of the developer, crush the bonded block and put it on the machine. If it is crushed, it will pass through the 100 mesh sieve. use.

6. Cardboard

Due to the high temperature weather in summer, the paper is dry and hard, which is prone to paper jam. At the same time, due to the poor quality of some papers, a large amount of paper dust is generated during the operation. This is the toner cartridge of the copier, the fixing roller and the pickup roller. There will be huge wear and tear.

 7. Cleaning

 The cleaning work of the copier in summer must be done in place. It is not because the weather is hot, and the behavior of the person becomes lazy, thus neglecting the maintenance and maintenance of the cleaning work of the machine itself. Too much dust often affects the copying, printing, and scanning effects of the machine, and it also affects the life of the machine.

8. Keep away from air conditioners, water dispensers

In the process of working in the summer copier, be sure to stay away from air conditioners, water dispensers, refrigerators and other electrical appliances, because overheating, too cold, humid air is not conducive to the normal operation of the machine.

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